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Measures and treatment of lisocl 2 battery lag

When lisocl2 battery is stored or not used for a period of time, the battery will produce "passivation" phenomenon. A LiCl protective film is formed on the negative electrode surface of the lithium battery. This film has the insulating property, which makes the lithium battery become stable and the storage time is prolonged. Therefore, the battery voltage lags behind. According to this phenomenon, our company develops a new type of battery additive, which makes the voltage lag back in a few minutes When the peak voltage is 95%, the load current battery will reach the peak voltage soon after measuring the open circuit voltage.

Matters needing attention

1. Short circuit, charging and reverse connection of positive and negative poles are strictly prohibited.

2. Do not over discharge, squeeze, puncture or burn the battery

3. Do not mix old and new batteries with other types of batteries

4. Do not use the battery outside the allowable temperature range

5. When the battery is used to the termination voltage, it should be taken out of the instrument in time

6. Read the instructions and warnings carefully before using the lithium battery pack, operate in strict accordance with the regulations, and do not exceed the rated index;

7. The plug protection cap shall be kept properly so that it can be used when the battery pack is not used temporarily or the old battery is recycled, stored and transported;

8. The use of lithium battery pack shall be recorded as the basis for continuous use

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